Over 8,000 litres of vodka stolen from LA distillery

23rd November, 2017 by Owen Bellwood

Thieves broke into the Fog Shots distillery in Los Angeles and made off with more than 8,000 litres of vodka.

Thieves cut through bolts and smashed gates to make off with over 8,000 litres of vodka

The New York Post reported that the thieves stole almost US$280,000 worth of Fog Shots vodka, which is labeled as the ‘world’s first’ elite vodka sold ready to serve.

Fog Shots distillery representative Art Gukasyan told The Spirits Business: “We are working with our local police department as well as our insurance investigators to resolve this before the major holidays.

“Three weeks ago we had several unmasked men scoping out our distillery. They ripped off our air vents to carefully look inside and took apart our cameras. We believe those are the suspects who are behind this.”

On Sunday evening, thieves sawed through the distillery’s locks and smashed through the gate to enter a warehouse, where they swiped vodka.

Gukasyan said: “The vodka they took had taken more than three months to produce, seal and package and was supposed to last until the third quarter of 2018, as well as this holiday season.“

He continued: “It’s a huge blow to our company given the fact of how hard we worked just to get to this point.”

The distillery says it is trying everything it can to get production and stock levels back on track, but it has been forced to postpone its New Year’s Eve party following the break in.

Fog Shots vodka is made from grapes and is the ‘first’ elite vodka sold ready to serve in 60ml shot glasses.

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