Disaronno releases ’emotional’ TV advert

24th November, 2017 by Amy Hopkins

Italian liqueur brand Disaronno is attempting to create a “stronger emotional bond with its consumers” through a new international television commercial.

The video (in link below) was filmed in an Italian villa on Lake Como and has been created through images and music based around the concept of rotation.

According to Disaronno, the ad is inspired by the idea that the movement of spinning “unleashes emotions”, and also relates to the opening of a Disaronno bottle.

“The commercial talks about the brand in a new way and encompasses the entire Disaronno world: aspirational, evocative, iconic and elegant,” said Augusto Reina, CEO of brand owner Illva Saronno.

The commercial will be aired for the first time on 27 November is the UK, Canada, Germany, Belgium, Italy and the Netherlands.

5 Responses to “Disaronno releases ’emotional’ TV advert”

  1. Martin Ballantine says:

    NO-ONE gets an emotional response from an ad. Let alone an ‘international’ one. Deluded beyond belief. One of those brands always looking for some ‘angle’….

  2. Mike Lynch says:

    excellently done…like to have the music track from Disaronno’s “Enter the World” TV commercial.

  3. Gill Leigh says:

    I love the music to this ad. Who is the composer and is the piano sheet music on sale in the UK?

  4. Rich says:

    At 12 seconds into this commercial, it appears that the woman is pregnant — a definite no-no in an alcoholic beverage ad in the US and various other countries. I assume this is why, every time I’ve seen this ad recently, they always show an edited version in which the man’s reaching around to touch his wife’s belly has been snipped out.

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