Whisky destined for bin fetches £830 at auction

20th October, 2017 by Michael J Ritchie

A rare miniature bottle of Laphroaig Scotch whisky that a Glasgow couple was planning to throw in the bin has fetched £830 (US$1,100) at auction.

The rare Laphroaig sold for £830 at auction, surprising the lucky couple

The couple, who wish to remain nameless, originally thought that their collection of miniatures wouldn’t be worth anything, but before throwing them away sought advice from McTear’s whisky expert, Laurie Black. The total collection was sold for £2,100

Black noted a 20 Under Proof Laphroaig that dated to the 1960s among the collection, said to be one of the “world’s most expensive whisky miniatures”. He said: “I think they are quite pleased they decided to seek an expert opinion.”

The Laphroaig, and the couple’s other miniatures were put up for sale in McTear’s Rare and Collectable Whisky auction.

“The fierce bidding showed just how eager some whisky enthusiasts were to add it to their collection,” said Black. The bottle sold to a buyer in Scotland for £830.

Black added: “I would say it is definitely worth having a look in the back of that drawer or cupboard for anything that looks a little unusual. You just never know what you may find.”

Last year, a private collection of more than 1,000 Scotch whisky miniatures collected over 40 years was auctioned off in the UK.

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