Top new spirits books for autumn 2017

11th October, 2017 by Michael J Ritchie

Doctor’s Orders by Chris Edwards and Dave Tregenza

Despite them now perhaps more often being the cause of a sore head, cocktails were originally invented as medicinal tonics, intended to perk you up. Whisky and vodka, in particular, weren’t drunk for pleasure for longer than is conceivable now. Taking this original concept, Chris Edwards and Dave Tregenza, owners of the Salts of the Earth drinks consultancy, have come up with a range of cocktails to restore whatever ails you, from a broken heart to another tough Monday.

Chapters include Remedies, Fixer Uppers and Comforters. Featured cocktails include Tiger’s Milk – a twist on a Bloody Mary that will cure any hangover – and the restorative, invigorating Apple a Day.

There are also recipes inside to create your own syrups and infused spirits, as well as tips to help provide perfect presentation.

Doctor’s Orders: Over 50 Inventive Cocktails to Cure, Revive and Enliven is released on 2 November.

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