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24th October, 2017 by admin

Moscow is unrecognisable from the drab grey city it was just a few years ago. Now the party involves very good drinks, not Communism, says James Lawrence.

SB presents the top 5 bars in Moscow, Russia

In the space of just over 30 years, Moscow has transformed itself from a city that barely had any privately-owned venues into an increasingly attractive destination for party animals in search of excitement and cocktails, regardless of those post-libation headaches. In recent years, an explosion of younger talent – and investment – has played a significant part in helping to fuel the capital’s burgeoning bar scene, which is now a million miles away from the Moscow of the 1980s.

Back then, the predominant entertainment on offer was in dire government-run cafés, visited by senior Communist party officials. Visitors would sooner starve than dine at these venues, Muscovite officials were fond of saying.

Yet today, locals describe Moscow as a “city that never sleeps”, a tagline not simply cooked up by creative PRs. For, as any visitor will readily testify, going to bed early in Moscow is a complete waste of time. From small, grungy bars to nightclubs where magnums of Cristal are de rigueur, the Russian capital has everything you could want for a memorable night on the town. Most of what’s on offer in Moscow varies enormously depending on the time of day – venues often shed their skin in the evening, transforming from an unassuming restaurant/café into a raucous nightclub, where partying doesn’t stop until the last punter leaves.

But this is only the start. A night out in Moscow can involve chilling at the city’s numerous arthouse cafés, sipping cocktails in live music venues, partying in a grungy club housed in a former factory, or paying extortionate amounts for a drink in Moscow’s A-list haunts.

Indeed, there is more than a whiff of East Berlin in Moscow at night, particularly in Krasny Oktyabr, a former chocolate factory across the river from Kropotkinskaya station. It’s now home to some of Moscow’s hippest nightlife, just as the Kreuzberg district has come alive in Berlin.

Meanwhile, those in search of talented mixologists and creative cocktails should stick to the more upmarket, sedate destinations, usually housed inside Moscow’s five-star hotels.

Just remember that wherever you end up, the Moscow security staff are king. It’s unwise to argue with them, however unreasonable they seem – you’ll regret it.

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    Had a great time partying in Krasny you are so right! Can’t wait to get back next year

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