Top 10 virtual reality spirits activations

18th October, 2017 by Michael J Ritchie

The spirits world has entered into a cutting-edge era of marketing, making use of innovative technologies like never before. Here’s our round-up of 10 head-turning virtual reality spirits activations.

We list some of the best virtual reality activations from spirits brands

The future arrived without anyone much noticing, and while we may still not be getting around via jet pack or eating food pills instead of cooking dinner, virtual reality is rapidly becoming part of the mainstream, with several companies vying to make the most of the new technology.

Like many other industries, the world of spirits has taken note and now it’s almost commonplace to see launches that involve a VR headset in one way or another.

Drinkers are now able to get up close and personal to the homes of their favourite tipples, without actually having to go there – who woulda thunk it?

Click through to see our pick of the top 10 virtual reality spirits activations.

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