Texas distillery to quadruple production with US$7.5m site

26th October, 2017 by Michael J Ritchie

Texas-based Rebecca Creek Distillery plans to quadruple its production capability with the opening of a US$7.5 million distillery in San Antonio.

Rebecca Creek Distillery to open a second US$7.5 million distillery in San Antonio

The new distillery will have a footprint of 20,000-square-feet. This will allow for an annual production of 500,000 cases. The distillery is “slated for completion in late 2018” and will feature “an art gallery and museum dedicated to the pioneers of the country music industry” and recording studio with the intention of supporting new country music talent.

Vice president of national marketing for Rebecca Creek Distillery, Matt Appleby said: “Our primary goal for the new distillery is to increase production, but the secondary goal is to allow visitors to experience and enjoy all that Rebecca Creek has to offer.

“All of our partners and Texas Country music friends are as excited as we are about the project, as it will be a true collaboration with the best musical minds in the world.”

The company has also this month signed a new distribution agreement, in place with Republic National Distributing Company, which will see Rebecca Creek rolling out products to states including the Carolinas, Florida, Washington DC, Maryland and Indiana by the end of 2018.

Rebecca Creek currently only sells spirits in Texas, Missouri, Colorado, Oklahoma, Georgia, Kansas, Louisiana and New Mexico.

Steve Ison, founder and CEO, said of the expansion: “It is our goal to make Rebecca Creek a household name, while retaining our commitment to craftsmanship.”

Rebecca Creek Distillery this month also announced it was partnering with its resident basketball team, San Antonio Spurs.

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