Estonian vodka receives GI protection

31st October, 2017 by Amy Hopkins

The European Commission has granted geographical indication (GI) status to Estonian vodka, stipulating it must be created from raw materials and water sourced from Estonia.

Estonian vodka has joined the ranks of GI protected spirits

The Commission approved an application from spirits producers Estonian Spirit OÜ and Remedia AS, making vodka Estonia’s first GI protected product.

“Receiving the indication is a huge acknowledgement to the Estonian food industry,” said Tarmo Tamm, Estonia’s minister of rural affairs. “It shows that we can make products that deserve recognition all across Europe.

“The geographical indication makes a product more valuable and will definitely be beneficial in exporting the product and improving its competitiveness. It will inform the consumers on the production technologies, and on the qualities and specific characteristics of the product.”

Under the GI, products marketed as ‘Estonian vodka’ must made from ethyl alcohol produced from raw materials grown in Estonia and from water sourced from Estonia.

Vodkas made in Estonia that do not adhere to these stipulation can be marketed under a different title, such as ‘vodka from Estonia’ and ‘vodka made in Estonia’.

The process for registering Estonian vodka as a GI-protected product lasted for four years. The protection has received support from The Central Union of Estonian Farmers, the Estonian Farmers’ Federation and the Estonian Rye Society.

Vodka producers from countries such as Poland and Sweden have also expressed support for establishing further geographical indications relating to their products.

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