Colorado distillery launches Boulder Spirits range

25th October, 2017 by Michael J Ritchie

Colorado-based Vapor Distillery has launched a new range of small-batch spirits to celebrate its hometown of Boulder.

The four new expressions celebrate Boulder in Colorado

Boulder Bourbon, Boulder Vodka, Boulder Gin and Boulder Ginskey are all now available in liquor stores throughout Colorado.

The range is the result of a two-year mission, spearheaded by distillery owner Alastair Brogan and master distiller Ted Palmer. The spirits are produced in copper stills, but use “organic ingredients and new-world techniques”.

The new range takes inspiration from Brogan and Palmer’s heritage, who hail from Scotland and Colorado, respectively.

Boulder Bourbon has been aged for four years in Colorado’s “whiplash” weather, and in oak casks of “white corn, plump two-row barley and spicy rye”. Boulder Vodka uses Colorado Rocky Mountain water and has been distilled from corn.

Boulder Gin is an infusion of lavender, hibiscus, lemon and orange citrus peel, sencha green tea, angelica, chamomile blossoms, juniper and coriander. Boulder Ginskey is an unusual “brown gin” which is aged for two years in American oak barrels producing “the rich, smoky caramel, vanilla and warm spicy oak flavours more commonly associated with whiskey”.

Brogan said: “We wanted to create something that reflects our love for this beautiful, vibrant town and represents its character, while at the same time exceeding expectations in today’s fiercely competitive spirits industry.”

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