Waldemar Behn and Pallini form travel retail unit

18th September, 2017 by Amy Hopkins

German spirits group Waldemar Behn and Italy’s Pallini Limoncello have formed a joint venture, called Family Brands Alliance, for global travel retail.

Rüdiger Behn, CEO of Waldemar Behn

While both companies will remain completely independent, the “strategic alliance” will enable them to face “globalisation and consolidation within the travel retail industry”, which has become a “challenge for medium-sized family-owned companies”.

The JV will allow the groups to have a “balanced” product portfolio and “optimise and increase manpower for sales and marketing”.

Waldemar Behn, producer of Danzka Vodka, and Pallini will share logistic, sales, and marketing costs at a global level.

“The globalisation and consolidation within the travel retail industries is a challenge for a middle-sized family-owned company,” said Waldemar Behn CEO Rüdiger Behn.

“That’s why we are inviting family-owned companies to join their forces with ours by keeping the high service level we are known for as family- managed companies and stay still true to our values of independence, uniqueness and craftsmanship our fans around the world honour us for.”

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