Rum distillery on uninhabited Orkney island fills barrels

4th September, 2017 by Annie Hayes

J. Gow Distillery has laid down its first barrels on the uninhabited Orkney island of Lamb Holm, now one of the smallest rum-producing islands in the world.

J. Gow Distillery has filled its first barrels

Named after notorious Orkney pirate John Gow, the distillery laid down its first barrels – thought to be the first ever laid on Orkney – in mid-August.

As it prepares to launch its inaugural product, a spiced rum, to date J. Gow has produced 38,000 litres of wash from six tonnes of molasses and distilled 20 runs on the still.

The resulting liquid has been decanted into Italian chestnut barrels, chosen for their compatibility with the cold Orkney climate. Former former whisky casks are currently being reconditioned and will be filled in the coming weeks and months.

J. Gow Spiced Rum is “made with a blend of spices from around the world including two secret ingredients grown in Orkney”, and will offer citrus and cinnamon notes with a hint of vanilla and a “warming spice finish”.

A release date has not yet been announced. The distillery also plans to release a second variety of barrel-aged rum in the near future, with “an entire range of products” to follow.

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