Lakes Distillery debuts booze-filled Christmas baubles

8th September, 2017 by Nicola Carruthers

Cumbria’s The Lakes Distillery has launched a range of Christmas baubles filled with gin, whisky and vodka for the festive season.

The Lakes Distillery has unveiled baubles filled with gin, whisky and vodka

The range includes a selection of single 20cl baubles with ribbon containing either The Lakes Gin or The One British Isles Blended Whisky. Also available are gift sets each containing six 5cl baubles filled with spirits from The Lakes Distillery, including a whisky set, a vodka set and a gin set.

The vodka and gin sets include an exclusive preview of the distillery’s new flavoured liqueurs, which were unveiled last month.

The Lakes Vodka gift pack will have two baubles of The Lakes Vodka and also two baubles each of the new flavoured vodka liqueurs: The Espresso Vodka Liqueur and The Salted Caramel Vodka Liqueur.

The Lakes Gin gift pack will include two baubles of The Lakes Gin with two baubles each of The Lakes Gin Sloe liqueur and The Lakes Gin Damson liqueur.

The Lakes Distillery partnered with UK gift company Lanchester Gifts to create the new bauble range.

“We have worked hard to create a range of stylish baubles presented in sumptuous and sophisticated packaging,” said Nigel Mills, chairman of The Lakes Distillery.

“There is a drop of Christmas encapsulated in each of the baubles – they’re not only beautiful decorations but perfect presents for anyone who loves The Lakes Distillery’s spirits.”

The baubles are available for pre-order on The Lakes Distillery website. It will be available from late September in retail outlets across the UK and online.

The 20cl baubles will RRP at £19.95 and the box of six 5cl baubles will RRP at £35.

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  1. Debbie O'Hara says:

    Hi, I want to purchase these but concerned how much freight would be and could it be here by Dec 12th? I live in Oregon , USA.

    Please let me know and thanks

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