Glenmorangie Distillery tour with Dr Bill Lumsden

21st August, 2017 by Annie Hayes

This is one of the distillery’s malt storage areas. Floor maltings closed at Glenmorangie in 1977, when the distillery doubled in size to four stills. The site doubled in size again in 1994 to eight stills, adding a further four stills in 2009 to reach 12 in total. When running at full capacity, the maltings could produce approximately 30 tonnes per week, Bill says – 300 tonnes short of its current requirements. Another issue that lead to its subsequent closure was the “unbelievably inconsistent” quality from floor maltings. “The sales malts are malted to our own unique specification,” he adds. The barley Glenmorangie uses is 100% Scottish, and around 85% of it is harvested from within a 75-mile radius of the distillery. “It doesn’t need to be – the barley from England, from Germany, from France is perfectly good quality – but we just like the idea of keeping things local,” says Bill.

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