Tips to avoid cultural appropriation in bars

23rd August, 2017 by Annie Hayes

Use speciality spirits and indigenous ingredients

This forms a huge part of the format of a cultural concept. Georgi Radev, bar manager of London’s Polynesian­-inspired tiki bar Mahiki, says: “When you design the cocktail menu you should think about the ingredients popular in the particular country and culture. What are the popular spirits, liquors, fruits, vegetables, syrups?”

For this, bartender education is crucial, Reiner adds. “A lot of the spirits in Leyenda are very esoteric, so we’re constantly having speakers come in. It takes a lot more educating than a whisky or gin bar. Cachaça, pisco and sotal and all these other lesser­-known spirits require more education.“

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  1. Ryan McCourt says:

    Only an ignorant savage treats aesthetics as if it were ethics.

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