Tips to avoid cultural appropriation in bars

23rd August, 2017 by Annie Hayes

Engross yourself in the culture

New York bartender Julie Reiner recently co­-opened pan­-Latin cocktail bar Leyenda. “People can smell bullshit a mile away,” she says. “You really have to engross yourself in that culture and know what you’re taking about. I’ve seen bars where people don’t really have a connection with wherever it is that they’re referencing. And it looks very Disneyland­-like.”

She points to Leyenda’s co­-owner and head bartender Ivy Mix. “She lived in Guatemala, she’s spent a tonne of time down there, she knows more about mezcal and Tequila than anybody I know. We built the entire bar around her passions, and so it feels authentic because it is authentic.”

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  1. Ryan McCourt says:

    Only an ignorant savage treats aesthetics as if it were ethics.

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