Tips to avoid cultural appropriation in bars

23rd August, 2017 by Annie Hayes

Be self­-aware

The brains behind Jason Atherton’s London­ based Japanese fusion bar 7 Tales employed an opening team that consisted of members who had spent time in Japan. “There is so much to learn from skills and etiquette,” says Jamie Jones, group bar executive of the Atherton’s restaurant group, The Social Company. While soundtracks, menu formats, and aesthetics “were all factored in, in great detail”, when it came to the cocktails, Jones says the team “didn’t want it to just be a forced pseudo­ Japanese list of ingredients“.

“When it comes to concepts, it depends how deep and true to the roots you aim to play it,” he says. “A nod or an homage can be easily incorporated. Claiming you are 100% true to something is always a dangerous game, as people will look for gaps.”

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  1. Ryan McCourt says:

    Only an ignorant savage treats aesthetics as if it were ethics.

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