Tips to avoid cultural appropriation in bars

23rd August, 2017 by Annie Hayes

Collaborate meaningfully

For James Triffo, owner and founder of New Orleans­-inspired London bar NOLA, meaningful collaborations are key to authenticity. When designing the drinks programme, the team “worked directly with bartenders from our favourite bars in New Orleans and had them each add an original cocktail to a section of the menu, mentioning that each drink was created by ‘X’ working at ‘X’,” he explains. “We still do this with every new menu.”

Triffo makes a point of flying in a bartender from New Orleans every year for a week­-long residency to give team members a unique insight into the city, its cocktail history and trends. “We also take key members of our team so that they can see how things are done first­-hand in the city we draw our inspiration from,” he adds.

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  1. Ryan McCourt says:

    Only an ignorant savage treats aesthetics as if it were ethics.

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