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29th August, 2017 by Annie Hayes

Cuervo x Fender Agave Stratocaster

In May 2017 The Jose Cuervo Foundation revealed it had joined forces with Fender to create the “world’s first” guitar made from 100% agave.

All traditional wood elements on the guitar – the body, 21-fret neck and fingerboard – are replaced by agave plant-based material, and features Fender hardware, a custom-engraved neck plate with a Jose Cuervo inscription, and hand-wound Fat ‘50s neck, RWRP middle and bridge pickups.

Designed and constructed by Fender Custom Shop master builder Paul Waller, the Cuervo x Fender Agave Stratocaster took more than 30 hours to design and build, with an additional five days used for agave stalk harvesting and guitar sealing.

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