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16th August, 2017 by admin

Bangkok has shed its reputation as a city full of sleazy bars. A new mix of high-end drinking establishments, traditional pubs and rooftop pop-ups have taken over, and they collectively offer something for everyone. James Lawrence reports.

The view from Vertigo bar, perched on Banyan Tree hotel’s 61st floor

To the untrained eye, Bangkok’s bar scene could be nothing more than a tacky collection of underground sex bars frequented by gawping tourists, most notoriously in the area off Thanon Silom, known as Patpong.

Fortunately, nothing could be further from the truth – Bangkok’s nightlife has grown up in recent years to leave those neon dives behind, and now boasts a bar and cocktail scene that rivals Hong Kong and leaves most of South East Asia for dust.

The high-concept bars of Sukhumvit are just one example of this dramatic transformation, yet there is far more to Bangkok than lounge bars and chill-out vibes.

Modern Bangkok covers the entire spectrum, from English-style pubs where you can relax with a pint and the paper to chic watering holes – often housed inside ultra-luxe hotels – where the beautiful set go to be seen, not necessarily to imbibe.

The pop-up is another concept very much in vogue in Bangkok, taking note from the established cocktail markets. During the cool season, an evening at one of the pop- up beer gardens is a great way of soaking up the atmosphere, meeting fellow travellers and sampling local dishes.

Indeed, despite the abundance of superlative cocktail bars, many visitors associate this city with the kind of venues that don’t have an address. They exist just about everywhere in the city – think street- side plastic seating, exhaust fumes and hot, spicy nibbles that are devoured between toasts. Cheap, lively and intensely filling, these numerous pop-ups offer a fantastic way of getting to know the locals, and provide a nice juxtaposition to the expensive five-star haunts.

Bangkok is also one of the few metropolises where nobody seems to mind if you slap a bar on the roof of a skyscraper. Once the preserve of well-heeled tourists, today these numerous sky bars comprise a diverse spread, with options ranging from basic to formal. But what unites this ensemble is an unwavering emphasis on excellent service, bespoke cocktails and, of course, Instagramable views to die for.

There are many reasons to make Bangkok more than just a pit stop en route to Thailand’s tropical islands – its bar scene is certainly one of them.

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