Whisky brands of the future: Part one

15th August, 2017 by admin

Waterford Distillery, Ireland

Waterford Distillery is the brainchild of Bruichladdich Distillery’s former managing director Mark Reynier and is located in the port of Waterford in South East Ireland within a brewery formally used by Diageo to make Guinness. Equipped with two pot stills and one column still, the distillery is able to produce both malt and grain spirits, but will focus on single malt with no plans to produce grain liquid. The distillery sources its barley from 46 Irish farms on 19 distinct soil types, and each farmer’s crop is harvested, stored, malted and distilled separately. Production began in December 2015, with liquid now maturing in French and American oak barrels.

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  1. Jennie says:

    Have you not seen what the guys at Bimber Distillery in West London are doing? They are bringing single malt whisky back to London with The London Single Malt Whisky due to be launched in May 2019. Check it out!!!

  2. Paul Miller says:

    Interesting concept for an article. Really curious about your criteria for selecting these ten. I am sure they are all great. Few can be doing as much in terms of spirit innovation and cask creativity as Eden Mill St Andrews which will have its first scotch single malt release by the end of this year. The first single malt from the St Andrews area in 150 years made on a site of the former Seggie Distillery ( Haig family ) and distilled by a team of no fewer than 6 degree qualified distillers. Eden Mill 2 year old spirits recently released and almost immediately sold out show the diversity of malt types used to great effect. Chocolate Malt, Crystal Malt and conventional Golden Promise Pale Malt. Genuine innovation crafted with real passion. No wonder an Eden Mill tour is the number one thing to do for visitors to Fife according to trip advisor. Definitely not boring ! I would love to know your criteria and why Eden Mill doesn’t make your list ? Thanks. Paul

  3. Eliyahu Shiffman says:

    Milk & Honey Distilley, Israel. They began distilling single malt in 2015, and are cutting no corners with their eye at the top end of the market. The late Jim Swan served as a consultant at every step of the way, and their expectations of producing a very high quality single malt when they bottle in 2019 are well justified.

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