Speyside Distillery continues art focus with wildlife bottlings

9th August, 2017 by Annie Hayes

Speyside Distillery has launched a series of limited edition whiskies that feature portraits of its local wildlife, called the Speyside Wildlife Collection.

Joanna McDonough, artist in residence at Speyside Distillery

Set in the foothills of the Cairngorm Mountains, the distillery has launched the range in support of the Prince’s School of Traditional Arts (PSTA), with which it has had a longstanding connection.

The artwork was created by Joanna McDonough, PSTA graduate and Speyside Distillery’s artist in residence, and complements the original art displayed in the company’s new office, Gallery & Lounge, in Glasgow’s Art District.

The range also includes a crystal cabinet, decanter and set of eight crystal glasses designed by Titchmarsh & Goodwin, craftsmen to the Royal family.

Speaking at a launch event last week, Speyside Distillery CEO John McDonough said: “We are delighted to extend our support of the PSTA with the release of our limited edition Speyside Wildlife Collection.

“The new collection emphasises the strong connection we have with the school and the wonderful and beautiful, natural environment in which we create our single malt whisky.”

Prices and more detail on the range are available on application.

2 Responses to “Speyside Distillery continues art focus with wildlife bottlings”

  1. Ed Kohl says:

    Cheers Cheers cheers to our Friends at Spey Distillery
    Their newest launch of the Speyside Wildlife Collection is
    Not only a Beautiful limited edition offering of outstanding Malts
    But to also extend thier continued support to the PSTA this way is equally outstanding, and speaks volumes, to the true Character of those at Spey Distillery and their Fine Malts.
    Congratulations to All and
    Well Done In Deed.
    Ed Kohl and Krew

  2. Stephen Mackie says:

    Can you let me know where I can purchase the wildlife collection and also the price please
    Stephen Mackie

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