Fairtrade-certified pomegranate liqueur launches

22nd August, 2017 by Melita Kiely

Ethical Wine & Spirits has expanded its line of ethically produced spirits with the launch of a pomegranate-flavoured liqueur.


Fair Pomegranate is the latest flavour in the ethically-sourced liqueur range

Fair pomegranate is created in France using Fairtrade-certified pomegranate from Uzbekistan and is said to have flavours of jammy pomegranate, cranberry and hints of cherry.

The sugar used to create Fair Pomegranate is also organic and Fair trade certified, and has been sourced from numerous coops in countries including Malawi and Paraguay.

Bottled at 22% abv, the new expression is currently available from Amathus Drinks at an RRP of £16.96.

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