Ten of the most expensive spirits launches of 2017

29th August, 2017 by Annie Hayes

1947 Hors d’Age Cognac

Price: £3,200 (US$4,149)
Another historic bottling from The Last Drop Distillers, this time from the Cognac category.

Joining the Sazerac-owned company’s Limited Bottling collection, 1947 Hors d’Age Cognac originates from the Charente region of southwestern France. It is the result of one of the first post-World War II distillations by a local wine and Cognac-making family.

Traditionally distilled in a small copper still, the expression is said to have a “fresh, young and delicious” character with aromas that “have the richness of summer flowers”.

It is presented in a The Last Drop Distillers deep red leather case with its own 50ml miniature, as well as a certificate of authenticity, a leather-bound tasting booklet and a custom-made stopper.

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