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17th July, 2017 by Annie Hayes

Premium spirits grew by 9.9% last year and now account for more than 11.7% of the UK spirits market, William Grant & Sons’ 2017 Market Report has revealed. Here are the consumer and trade trends driving the spirits industry in 2017.

Premium spirits grew by 9.9% last year and now account for more than 11.7% of the spirits market

Total premium spirits are now worth more than £1.2 billion, and remain a “key driver” for the overall spirits market, the report states. Premium mixers are also benefitting, growing 139% in volume and 157% in value in 2016.

While the on-trade is driving the majority of the spirits sector’s performance, up by 3.1% compared to last year, the industry has also enjoyed growth within the off-trade of 1.5%.

Gary Keogh, marketing director of William Grant & Sons UK, said: “Consumer behaviour and habits have continued to evolve in this time of uncertainty, but there still remains an element of consistency with the trends identified in our previous reports, as the consumer trends and resulting behaviours have adapted to this new normal.

“More than ever, brands need to have a point of view, share their values, and reach heightening expectations to meet consumer needs. The brands that succeed will be those that can balance these often conflicting needs and offer inclusive, collective experiences, a playful sense of purpose, and meet on-demand consumer expectations without compromising on quality.”

Described as a comprehensive appraisal of consumer behaviour and macro trends affecting the drinks industry, the report reveals how the UK on- and off-trade is shaping up in 2017.

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