Wenneker Swizzle Masters Breakfast Martini results

26th June, 2017 by Nicola Carruthers

Last month’s Wenneker Swizzle Masters heat challenged bartenders from around the world to put their own twist on the marmalade-based Breakfast Martini cocktail.

Created by famed Italian bartender Salvatore Calabrese at London’s Lanesborough Hotel in 1996, the Breakfast Martini was inspired by the orange marmalade that he and his wife enjoy with their breakfast. While most morning tipplers were accustomed to having their morning drinks made with vodka or Champagne, the marmalade-based cocktail has since become a staple in cocktail culture.

With this in mind, we decided to task Swizzlers with replicating the modern marmalade classic, using Hendrick’s gin and at least a dash of any Wenneker Liqueur.

Judges gathered at Mr Fogg’s Gin Parlour in London’s Covent Garden for the second instalment of this year’s competition, where bartender Matteo Landi crafted the top 10 selected recipes to their exact specifications.

Dan Watson, business development manager at Mr Fogg’s; Anna Martinez, head bartender at Street XO; Nicola Thompson, director of Fifteen71; and Kristiane Sherry, editor of The Spirits Business, were charged with tasting the shortlisted recipes.

Our panel was pleased with the standard and variety of cocktails, which, for the most part, championed the brief and were balanced, and easy to drink serves.

“There were an interesting array of cocktails with a complex depth of flavours and aromas. I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to taste a diverse range of cocktails,” said Thompson.

“I would have liked to have seen more homemade ingredients,” added Martinez. “It was a good occasion to see how to create a twist on a classic cocktail and there were many different flavours.”

Claiming a spot in the final was the “very well-balanced” Rise and Shine by Elliot Barker, which combined Hendrick’s gin, Wenneker Hazelnut, Wenneker Blackberry, plum jam and Bitter Bastards Wormwood Bitters.

“It has a fluffy mouth feel, long length and it’s very tasty,” said Thompson.

“It doesn’t look or taste like you would imagine from the ingredients, it’s really surprising but in a good way,” added Watson.

The next drink to secure a place in the top three was Perfect Day by Jose Hau, which combined Hendrick’s gin, Wenneker Cinnamon Red, Campari, lemon juice, Monin Rose syrup, and ginger marmalade.

“It has fantastic presentation and a wonderful aroma, if it has a little less cinnamon it would have been perfect,” said Watson.

“It’s mouth-watering and quite refreshing. I think its a great idea, I love that they’ve not gone for the obviously sweet angle,” said Sherry.

Thomson added: “It was really interesting and pleasant looking. Campari is showcased incredibly well and it had a great taste overall.”

The third spot in the final was awarded to Jimmy Rhodes for his “floral” Badger’s Breakfast, a blend of Hendrick’s gin, Wenneker Sour Apple, cucumber marmalade, lime juice, and rose water.

“The serve and balance is spot-on and it is very easy to drink,” said Watson, while Sherry described it as “refreshing and elegant”.

Overall, our panel admired the participants’ efforts to make their own twists on the classic Breakfast Martini, but placed emphasis on the importance of balance and flavour.

(L-R): Nicola Thomson, Anna Martinez, Kristiane Sherry, and Dan Watson

Summing up the day’s judging, Sherry said: “There were some very strong cocktails in this round – Swizzlers took on the theme and ran with it. There were quite a few serves in the running for the top three finalists.

“I think there were a lot of brave ideas and preparation – some, if they were tweaked, could be new classics. Overall, it was great – and refreshing – to see so much creativity.”

The top three recipes now go through to the grand final in November, when all nine winning drinks from throughout the year will be recreated once more and judged against each other – along with one wild card finalist. The bartender with the winning recipe will be crowned Wenneker Swizzle Master 2017 and scoop £1,000.

The next Wenneker Swizzle Masters round is Blood & Sand. Take on this classic Scotch serve and make it your own, just be sure to use Dewar’s 12 Year Old, along with at least a dash of any Wenneker Liqueur.

Bartenders have until 5 September 2017 to submit their recipes online at www.swizzlemasters.com.

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