UK political party leaders reimagined as cocktails

7th June, 2017 by admin

With tensions running high on the eve of the snap UK General Election, SB attempts to lighten the mood by imagining a cocktail list inspired by key political party leaders.

If you’re a reader in the UK, chances are you are thoroughly fed up with all things political. Following a snap general election called by prime minister Theresa May, voters head to the polls tomorrow [8 May] in what some see as a pointless exercise, others as a vital process in uncharted political times.

Whichever side of the fence you sit – or equally, if you’d rather just pretend all the politics isn’t happening – one thing’s for sure: after the votes have been cast and the polls close, the UK electorate will be in need of a stiff drink.

So fear not! SB has taken a tongue-in-cheek, spirited look at the leaders of nine political parties in England, Wales and Scotland, and comprised a cocktail list based on their personalities, pledges and voter perceptions.

Theresa May, Jeremy Corbyn, Tim Farron and their ilk in cocktail form? We know. It’s a bit of a stretch. But at least the list might provide libation inspiration if you’re staying up all night to watch the declarations come in.

Click through the following pages to discover our tongue-in-cheek analysis of nine UK political party leaders in cocktail form. 

Do you agree? Suggest your cocktail alternatives in the comments below.

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