The top 10 best-selling Cognac and brandy brands

27th June, 2017 by Kristiane Sherry

9. Torres Brandy

2016: 1.33m
2015: 1.37m
% change: -2.92%
Place last year: New entry

2017 marks the first time that Torres disclosed the volume sales for its brandy provision, and the data makes for interesting viewing. A company known for its wines, the brandy side of the portfolio has seen steady but marginal declines over the past five years. Torres claims its 10-year-old expression is the top-selling Spanish brandy worldwide – as such we would expect to see volumes recover soon.

4 Responses to “The top 10 best-selling Cognac and brandy brands”

  1. Dawn Lambert says:

    Where is Hennessy in this list?

    • Kristiane Sherry says:

      Hi Dawn,
      As noted in the Martell entry on the 7th page, Hennessy, as part of a privately owned enterprise, declines to disclose its volume sales.

  2. JJF says:

    Hennessy is not privately owned but is part of the public company LVMH.

  3. i have purchased enough hennessy, i could probably have 1/3 of its stock. love that stuff, but i think i have been getting screwed on the price. love it! i have, in the last year—except for 1 month—switched over to the french stuff—i think it is french! nevertheless, a bit disappointing news regarding hennessy. my uncle will miss his hennessy-cream drops, as we play bridge, then poker. oh, well!

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