The top 10 best-selling Cognac and brandy brands

27th June, 2017 by Kristiane Sherry

2. Old Admiral Brandy

2016: 3.47m
2015: 3.30m
% change: 5.15%
Place last year: New entry

In a mixed year for the brandy category, Radico Khaitan’s Old Admiral shone, posting 5.15% gains and earning itself the title of Brandy Brand Champion. Cementing its consumer appeal as a brandy in a staunchly whisky-leaning market was key to winning volume share, Akshay Nagde, general manager marketing at Radico Khaitan says. “Old Admiral has received an overwhelming response from trade channels and consumers alike,” he says. Growth came from recruiting new consumers, and making the most of the growing migrant population in Andhra Pradesh, he continues. Will the growth be sustainable? “It is essential to continuously innovate and maintain the quality of the brand,” he says, which surely won’t be too challenging, given that the team have managed to flourish in a market where so many others have fallen back.

4 Responses to “The top 10 best-selling Cognac and brandy brands”

  1. Dawn Lambert says:

    Where is Hennessy in this list?

    • Kristiane Sherry says:

      Hi Dawn,
      As noted in the Martell entry on the 7th page, Hennessy, as part of a privately owned enterprise, declines to disclose its volume sales.

  2. JJF says:

    Hennessy is not privately owned but is part of the public company LVMH.

  3. i have purchased enough hennessy, i could probably have 1/3 of its stock. love that stuff, but i think i have been getting screwed on the price. love it! i have, in the last year—except for 1 month—switched over to the french stuff—i think it is french! nevertheless, a bit disappointing news regarding hennessy. my uncle will miss his hennessy-cream drops, as we play bridge, then poker. oh, well!

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