The top 10 best-selling Indian whisky brands

22nd June, 2017 by Kristiane Sherry

7. Hayward’s Fine

2016: 8.20m
2015: 3.11m
% change: +10.81%
Place last year: 8

Hayward’s Fine has leapfrogged its United Spirits sibling Bagpiper up the table by one space thanks to impressive 10.81% gains. This figure is made all the more remarkable considering the brand’s 2015 figures have been revised upwards from 6.55m cases to 7.40m, reducing the growth rate from 25.2%. It’s a significant change in fortunes for the brand, given that the 2015 numbers showed a 37.2% volume sales collapse linked to chairman Vijay Mallya’s turbulent departure from United Spirits.

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  1. Anupam Das says:

    Please guide me to choose the right whisky.

  2. Seems like these brands are a must try.

  3. Must try Indian whisky brands

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