New York cinemas alcohol bill in Senate

15th June, 2017 by Kristiane Sherry

The Distilled Spirits Council has backed a bill which would allow alcohol to be served in some movie theatres in the state of New York.

The bill, backed by Republican Patty Richie and Democrat James Sanders, would enable cinema-goers to purchase spirits, wine or beer if they provide written evidence of their age and only buy one drink per transaction.

Only those viewing films rated PG-13, R or NC-17 would be able to purchase alcohol.

Trade association The Distilled Spirits Council said it “strongly supported” the move.

“Adult consumers should be permitted to enjoy a cocktail while watching a movie,” said vice president Jay Hibbard.

“Passing this legislation would end an archaic Blue Law and modernise the marketplace for New York consumers.

“Everyone should toast a consumer-friendly innovation that supports job creation and spurs economic development.”

The bill is currently up for discussion in the Senate Committee.

Earlier this year The Distilled Spirits Council praised legislation passed by the Pennsylvania House Liquor Control Committee, which expands the number of outlets allowed to sell spirits in the state.

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