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24th May, 2017 by admin

As one of Nigeria’s most vibrant and culturally diverse major cities, brimming with both history and modernity, Lagos boasts a bar scene that’s certainly worth a visit, writes James Lawrence.

Lagos, Nigeria has a bustling bar scene

“If I have ever seen magic, it has been in Africa.” John Hemingway’s eulogy to the world’s most diverse and rapidly-evolving continent certainly rings true in Lagos (or Gidi, as Lagosians call their city). Nigeria’s pulsating powerhouse is bursting at the seams with burgeoning technology and telecommunications industries, not to mention newfound wealth.

Thanks to a rising prosperity – largely due to an influx of oil money – Lagos now offers a huge variety of options after dark, including posh restaurants and clubs, slick cocktail bars and an exploding music and arts scene. Let there be no doubt – Lagos is the face of modern Africa.

However, Gidi is not for the timid. Named after the Portuguese word for lagoon, Lagos has been a Yoruba port, a British political centre and, until 1991, Nigeria’s capital. The city has known prosperous and turbulent times – modern Lagos is both the country’s cultural hub and centre of crime and social unrest. But equally, the city has an inimitable vibe and Lagos’s discernible edge ensures that its nightlife is anything but dull.

Today, Lagos’s most glamorous destinations are in the wealthy suburbs of Ikoyi and Victoria Island, an elite enclave of oil money facing the Atlantic Ocean. This is where you head for cocktails and A-list clubs, although a grungier vibe is found across on the mainland. Just remember that what’s hot is constantly changing so it pays to ask around for the best nights out. And more importantly – keep your wits about you at all times. As they say in Lagos, what happens in Gidi stays in Gidi and most tourists return to their hotel bedrooms with nothing more than a sore head and perhaps some company, but it pays to stay alert. You have been warned.

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