Lidl launches trio of Ben Bracken single malts

19th May, 2017 by Amy Hopkins

Discount supermarket chain Lidl has released a new trio of Scotch whiskies under its Ben Bracken range, showcasing liquid from Speyside, Islay, and the Highlands.

The Ben Bracken trio uses whisky from unnamed distilleries

Launched ahead of World Whisky Day on 20 May, the trio brings Lidl’s total number of own-label Scotch whiskies to eight.

Each variant in the no-age-statement trio is bottled at 40% abv and is priced at £17.49.

“We’re incredibly proud of our whisky range and with World Whisky Day approaching this is the perfect time to release our new range of Ben Bracken single malt Scotches,“ said Paul McQuade, head of Lidl’s Scottish buying team

“The range reflects the diverse taste of Scotch whisky through the three different whisky regions and offers everyone, from established whisky fans to the newcomer to whisky, something to enjoy this World Whisky Day.“

In March this year, Lidl appointed bartender and author Tristan Stephenson as consultant for its spirits range.

13 Responses to “Lidl launches trio of Ben Bracken single malts”

  1. How can I order the 2017 single malts

    • nat boyd says:

      I bought a bottle of Islay single malt in Lidls in Hinckley and it was UNdrinkable, The worst Whisky I have ever tasted.

  2. Johan Smeele says:

    is this whisky also available in the Netherlands?

  3. Nik says:

    Just received the green labelled single malt. For the money, I am so far impressed. I have yet to drink any quantity of it, so it may prove to be headache quality – time will tell. What do you think?

  4. Simon bishop says:

    Treated myself to a bottle of Ben Bracken …… looked in the mirror after one glass and I looked fantastic!!!! Would recommend

  5. I got a bottle of the red from a friend, this in the freezer puts certain other Malts I have favoured in shade…freeze , pour in crystal glass enjoy…beats the best.

  6. Lincoln says:

    I can only comment on the Islay variety, which was smoaky and very pallettable. For the price it is an excellent purchase and good value for money.

  7. jonnyg says:

    tasted this blind as to where it came from and thought it pretty decent – quite smoky and full for an unknown islay. Only needs a drop of water as quickly loses its intensity on too much dilution. Surprised to find it’s from Lidl at this price. Very good for the price.

  8. Ray Stanyon says:

    I’ve tried all three – but I only like the BLUE (Highland) as I do not like peaty nor smokey Whisky. It is a VERY smooth whisky and for the money I do not know of any that gets close. I certainly prefer it to some others in my collection what are more pricey. My brother liked the green … but he always had weird taste!

  9. Ion says:

    I tried the purple one few times.

    It feels a little too ‘young’ but with a good perfume and final taste.
    The price is also really great.

    It s not something to impress your granpa with, but for sure beats Jack Daniels

  10. ben bracken highland malt awful, worse than a cheap blend

  11. Al Drummond says:

    I think that Ben Bracken single malts are excellent.
    The prices are very reasonable too.
    I’ve tried all three and I like them all, especially the Islay.

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