Savoy’s American Bar captures Britain in cocktails

13th April, 2017 by Annie Hayes

The Savoy hotel’s American Bar in London has launched the Coast To Coast cocktail menu, designed to represent “a journey across Britain from south to north”.

Oast House Fizz, Garden of England

Created in collaboration by American Bar manager Declan McGurk and head bartender Erik Lorincz, the menu aims to “capture the spirit of a nation” by honing in on Britain’s folklore, history and landscape.

The journey begins in Kent – the Garden of England – with a “light and fresh” selection of long drinks featuring local ingredients such as cobnuts, hops and apples served in bespoke plate glass terrariums.

It continues through London, touching on the birth of Britain’s cocktail culture at Art Deco American Bar with a “classic, heady” selection of drinks served in an elongated coupe on a silver Art Deco tray.

The menu journeys into Sherwood Forest, featuring woodland ingredients served in a silver goblet with a wooden base, before continuing on to The Pennines, where it takes inspiration from the “burgeoning empire” that followed the industrial revolution with the use of teas and exotic ingredients. Drinks are served on a cog design holding garnishes and intricately cut glass.

The journey ends at Castle Rock in Scotland, on the peak of which Edinburgh Castle sits. With a focus on whiskies, Scottish legends and “wild” flavours, this rocks glass serve is perched on shards of slate.

Each section in the new menu is accompanied by an ingredients key to navigate guests through each recipe.

McGurk said: “The penny dropped whilst Erik and I were reviewing what we wanted to achieve with the new menu. We decided that the focus should be on the table, to see how we can enhance the guest experience; and from this a journey of character and content was born.”

Click through the following pages to discover a selection of cocktails from the American Bar’s new menu.

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