The best April Fools’ Day drinks ‘news’

3rd April, 2017 by Amy Hopkins

April Fools’ Day is a cruel (but funny) test of the smarts, savviness and scepticism among journalists. Here’s some of the breaking drinks industry ‘news’ that almost forced us to scrape egg off our faces this 1 April.

April Fools’ Day can be a stressful time for drinks journalists

As 1 April nears, emotional levels of apprehensiveness, trepidation and caution ramp up at The Spirits Business’s headquarters, as our team of journalists dissects eccentric press releases to a near-obsessive degree. Too often have we almost been caught out by spirits industry jokesters letting loose on April Fools’ Day.

From the amusingly simple to the shockingly elaborate, here’s a list of spirits industry ‘news’ that made the rounds this 1 April.

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