Medea exits spirits industry with vodka sale

27th April, 2017 by Amy Hopkins

Medea Inc has sold Medea Vodka, the “world’s first and only” programmable LED alcohol bottle, to Bevriqo Corporation for an undisclosed sum, thus exiting the spirits industry.

Medea Inc has sold Medea Vodka to Bevriqo Corporation

First launched in mid-2015, Medea Vodka features a new Bluetooth capability that uses Apple’s iBeacon Bluetooth technology, allowing consumers to create customised messages that appear on its LED strip.

The vodka is distilled at House of Herman Jansen in the Netherlands and is distributed throughout the US and other markets.

Brandon Laidlaw, CEO of Medea Inc, said that the sale comes as his company opts to focus on its patented technology and exit the spirits industry.

“With our corporate headquarters in the Silicon Valley area, it makes it hard for us to ignore the growth potential for pairing our technology with myriad consumer products,” he said.

Bevriqo Corporation, an international spirits distributor, marketer and producer, will take control of Medea Vodka immediately. The firm’s CEO, Rich Cabael, and SVP sales and operations, Scott Lantz, will lead the brand.

“Our company is comprised of people with international beverage experience and we’re focused on creating innovative brands, developing import/export, retail and distribution channels, and building solid relationships with our partners both now and in the future,” said Cabael.

“Medea’s award-winning vodka and interactive bottle technology differentiate this brand from all others. We look forward to building on this truly groundbreaking product’s success.”

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