Top 10 coffee-flavoured spirits

21st March, 2017 by Michael J Ritchie

Fair Café Liqueur

Billed as the world’s first Fairtrade certified organic coffee liqueur, Fair Café Liqueur combines Fair Trade Certified Arabica coffee beans from Mexico’s volcanic mountain regions with Fairtrade sugar cane from Malawi and Paraguay.

Though it has bitter notes on the finish, the liqueur is said to offer more of a “mocha” flavour thanks to the presence of fudge and hazelnut flavours.

It is bottled at 22% abv and available online.

2 Responses to “Top 10 coffee-flavoured spirits”

  1. Alexandre Vingtier says:

    Definitely a booming category, some high quality products such as Illyquore by Illy or Merlet C2 Coffee & Cognac, original ones such as St George Nola Coffee liqueur or Toussaint could also have been mentioned. Go on Michael with your top 10 😉

  2. Alexandre Vingtier says:

    And of course the ambitious Grand Brulot liqueur with cognac 😉

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