Organic flavoured vodka range hits UK

14th March, 2017 by Annie Hayes

Virtuous Vodka, a Swedish vodka brand made with 100% natural and organic ingredients, is set to make its UK debut with a portfolio of four flavours: Blond, Bitter Lemon, Raspberry and Ginger.

Virtuous Vodka comprises Blond, Bitter Lemon, Raspberry and Ginger flavours

Made using a base spirit of Swedish rye, with no added sugars or aromas, Virtuous Vodka is column-distilled once and unfiltered.

The base expression, Virtuous Vodka Blond, has a “sweet, peppery scent” with a “fresh sweet bitterness and touch of spice” on the palate, followed by a “short and delicate” finish.

To create the flavoured varieties natural, organic ingredients are added during a maceration process before the vodka is filtered.

Virtuous Vodka Raspberry is flavoured with organic raspberries for a “striking and ripe taste”, while Virtuous Vodka Bitter Lemon is flavoured with organic lemon peel, resulting in a “modern lemon vodka reminiscent of bitter marmalade”. Flavoured with organic ginger, Virtuous Vodka Ginger has a “strong and spicy flavour that carries a certain amount of heat”.

Due to the natural ingredients used in the production process, each of Virtuous Vodka’s flavoured varieties has a defined shelf life.

Founder Claes Stenmark said: “As a company we believe in three things: true flavours, sustainable business and braveness, and that’s how we produce our vodkas.

“We’re excited to be launching in the UK at a time when venues and customers alike are looking for something authentic and honest, something we always strive to be.

“We only say yes to the real deal and no to stuff created in laboratories. Most importantly our vodka is made to taste, not to last.”

Virtuous Vodka is available in 700ml bottles.

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