New Kent whisky to ‘rival Scottish malts’

29th March, 2017 by Amy Hopkins

Newly opened “grain to glass” distillery Copper Rivet has started production of its single malt English whisky line, made using Kentish spring barley.

Kent-based Copper Rivet Distillery has started production of its single malt English whisky

The distillery, based inside the historic Pump House No. 5 at Chatham Maritime, first opened its doors in October last year and began distilling its Dockyard Gin and Vela Vodka brands.

Now, Copper Rivet has commenced production of Masthouse Whisky, which “follows the strict traditions and regulations for Scotch whisky”, requiring single malt to be brewed and distilled on the same site.

As such, each batch of its barley – grown by farming company Burden Bros locally in Kent – will be malted to head distiller Abhishek Banik’s specification, before being milled, mashed and fermented on site. The liquid will then be distilled twice before being matured in Bourbon casks.

Copper Rivet will also start disgorge the first five barrels of its “lightly aged” English grain spirit, called Son of a Gun, this week. The product is distilled from locally grown grains in The Copper Rivet Distillery’s whisky and column stills.

“This is an exciting new chapter in The Copper Rivet Distillery’s story.  It’s rewarding to see our vision for a range of high-quality, end-to-end spirits not only become a reality, but one that consumers and trade customers alike both understand, and are embracing,” said Stephen Russell, co-founder of the distillery.

“We’ve received a phenomenal response to our gin and vodka, with demand for our small batch premium spirits at such a high pitch, we’re selling out of stock as soon as it hits the shelves.

“With our head distiller, Abhi Banik at the helm, we believe Son of a Gun and Masthouse Whisky will rival even the best Scottish malts, and perfectly complement Dockyard Gin and Vela Vodka to complete our luxury spirit line up.”

Copper Rivet also plans to create a single grain whisky and expand its single malt range with the addition of a Sherry cask-finished expression.

The first batch of Son of a Gun is expected to go on sale in late April 2017, while Masthouse Whisky’s initial release is anticipated for 2020.

One Response to “New Kent whisky to ‘rival Scottish malts’”

  1. kallaskander says:

    Hi there,

    visiting in November last year I asked if the silver lower part of the still you can see on the right in the picture you used is a casing or part of the still.
    Mr Russell answered it is the lower part of the still and stainless steel not copper.
    On my remark that this means they can not distill anyhing which could legally be called single malt whisky under the whisky rules of 2009
    riquireing that single malt can only be distilled in copper pot stills Mr Russell replied that they want to distill English whisky and are not planing
    to distill single malt.

    I take it that this has changed as you report about single malt being distilled at Copper Rivet?

    That beside I can highly recommend a visit to the site not far from the historic Chatham Docks.


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