Beam Suntory unveils Courvoisier candle-holder pack

16th March, 2017 by Kristiane Sherry

Beam Suntory Global Travel Retail is to release a new TR-exclusive Courvoisier gift pack, which turns into a pair of candle holders.

Beam Suntory GTR has launched a new pack for a TR edition, which turns into candle holders

Due to launch in April 2017, the new pack for Courvoisier Artisan Edition VSOP Triple Oak is in keeping with the brand’s ‘Toast of Paris Since 1889’ campaign, launched in September 2015.

The gold secondary case is made from gold die-cut metal, which is said to evoke Paris’ Eiffel Tower.

Once the box is open, the metal outer can be used as candle holders with the metal work creating “a beautiful play of shadow and light”.

The gift pack launch follows the launch of the travel retail-exclusive Artisan Edition collection in early 2016.

The pack turns into candle holders

“Influenced by the strength and beauty of the Eiffel Tower itself we wanted to create a unique and sophisticated gift that would both disrupt at self and have a secondary purpose in order to prolong the brand experience at home,” said Michael Cockram, global marketing manager GTR, Beam Suntory.

“Courvoisier continues to lead innovation in Cognac across travel retail and we look forward to sharing the Golden Age of Paris with travellers across the world with the Artisan Edition gift pack.

“The elegant lantern marks the next chapter in Courvoisier’s long history of excellence and luxury, demonstrating the contemporary approach expected from and brand that has always been a pioneer in its field, from the 1800s right up to the present day.”

The new Courvoisier Artisan Edition VSOP Triple Oak pack is available in a one-litre, 40% abv format from April 2017. Pricing details have yet to be disclosed.

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