Scotch water brand predicts sales surge

23rd January, 2017 by Amy Hopkins

The “world’s first” water brand created to mix with different styles of Scotch whisky is expecting to sell more than half a million bottles this year.

Uisge Source expects to sell more than 500,000 bottles this year

Graeme Lindsay – former marketing director for single malt Scotch whiskies Glenmorangie, The Dalmore, Isle of Jura and Ardbeg – launched Uisge Source in 2013.

He was inspired by the thought that “the best water to add to whisky is the water that made it”.

Uisge Source consists of three bottlings: a hard mineral water from St Colman’s Well in the Highlands; a soft mineral water from the Cairngorms Well in Speyside; and a spring water that is “high in natural acidity” from the Ardilistry Spring on Islay.

In 2016, the brand witnessed sales in more than 15 countries and recently confirmed an order to Russia for 150,000 bottles. It projects sales of more than 500,000 bottles in 2017.

“The increasing demand for Uisge Source is being driven by aficionados who are more discerning about the provenance and quality of their spirit mixer,” said Lindsay. “Retailers and whisky companies also want to ensure they are offering the best quality accompaniments.”

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