Experts predict top spirits trends in 2017

12th January, 2017 by Annie Hayes

American whiskey

whiskey-whiskyGreg Dillon, luxury spirits brand consultant, writer at –
“I think the American whiskey category will continue to see exponential growth this year as consumers, especially millennial and emerging LDA consumers seek to experience new flavours and non-‘standard’ brands, with Bourbon and newer styles of American whiskey such as Texas single malt and the rapidly expanding rye category captivating the imaginations and curiosities of these consumers.

“I also believe there will be another spate of acquisitions this year too, with consolidation seen in other categories now hitting the American whiskey market as the big players look to shore up their positions and have a foothold in each category and sub-category.

“One thing I sincerely hope will happen this year is that more education and clarity will find its way into the American whiskey market, as it has with Scotch and Irish whiskey over the couple of years as I still do not believe American producers have done enough to help their end consumers understand their Bourbons from their ryes etc. in order to make informed purchasing decisions.

“I also see a trend emerging this year for truly aged whiskies from the small craft producers – last year saw the premiumisation of very young ‘craft’ whiskies, but I think this year and next we will see interesting age statements on a lot more American whiskies to justify their high price tags.”

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  1. Always great to see and read about Rum trends by Spirit Business.

  2. El Gold says:

    yep – agree – nice to have a blended economy – rants ‘n’ raves on the one hand, and more sober reflections on the other. But “qualifications” while a great idea, what would you use, or, provide?

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