Experts predict top spirits trends in 2017

12th January, 2017 by Annie Hayes


Mezcal-Vago-Agave-TequilaJon Anders Fjeldsrud, agave ambassador, Amathus Drinks –
“I predict that we will see existing brands teaming up or be bought up by established drinks companies, and a focus on this so-called ‘super premium’ category of Tequilas.

“We will see more mezcal brands, still driven by the hospitality industry but with more interest from consumers, and we will also see other agave spirits coming to this market like raicilla, and mezcal from other regions.”

Eduardo Gomez Resediz, founder and director, Tequila & Mezcal Fest –
“Tequila 100% premium and super premium will continue to grow. Big Tequila brands are creating awareness that Tequila is not just a party drink – they want people to look at it as a drink that can be enjoyed like wine or beer which pairs well with food. Mexican cuisine is growing and that is also helping massively.

“Brands want consumers to think or perceive premium Tequila as they do with whiskey; a spirit that can be sipped. In the case of artisanal Mezcal, it will also continue to grow together with the new trends of craft and small batch products.

“I believe that all single malt whiskey drinkers are Mezcal drinkers but they dont know it yet  – however, more and more consumers are realising it.”

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  1. Always great to see and read about Rum trends by Spirit Business.

  2. El Gold says:

    yep – agree – nice to have a blended economy – rants ‘n’ raves on the one hand, and more sober reflections on the other. But “qualifications” while a great idea, what would you use, or, provide?

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