Experts predict top spirits trends in 2017

12th January, 2017 by Annie Hayes


rumIan Burrell, global rum ambassador –
“My prediction for the rum category this year is that consumers will start to question more what the type of rum is in their glass and are they getting real value for money?

“With an increase in true premium rums being launched in 2017 such as Diplomatico Planas; Foursquare’s ‘Triptych’ & ‘2005’ single blended rums; Appleton’s master blender, Joy Spence’s 25 year old and even Bacardi’s acquisition of Santa Teresa’s distribution rights will have the chatter at rum festivals, in rum clubs and online dictating a shift in how premium rums are made, marketed and sold.

“Also with most people focusing on the Bacardi vs Havana Club trademark war in the US, look out for a few other Cuban rum brands getting ready to up their awareness on the international stage.
“Rum cocktails will also continue to drive the category as bartenders seek to use premium rums in their creations.”

Peter Holland, freelance rum writer, The Floating Rum Shack –
“I think that there are plenty of gains to be made at the top end with a more educated consumer demanding authentically produced rums, with the emphasis on the contents rather than the packaging. With a greater demand for genuine aged products, the cost of the ‘juice’ will surely go up as well, and there’s a risk the middle ground products will lose out a bit with non-age statement blends being dumbed down a bit to compensate.

“The spiced and flavoured end of the market will continue to expand. I’m expecting releases from major players this year, but I’m a bit worried that we’ll have too much ‘Sugar & Spice’ and end up with rum having nothing nice image-wise.

“There may be a touch of desire here, but I very much expect to see more amazing expressions of cachaça and agricole hit the market! Education still very much needed though.”

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  1. Always great to see and read about Rum trends by Spirit Business.

  2. El Gold says:

    yep – agree – nice to have a blended economy – rants ‘n’ raves on the one hand, and more sober reflections on the other. But “qualifications” while a great idea, what would you use, or, provide?

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