Experts predict top spirits trends in 2017

12th January, 2017 by Annie Hayes

Scotch whisky

whisky-whiskeyEuan Campbell, spirits manager, The Scotch Malt Whisky Society –
“For me, Scotch whisky is full of character, evocative, and best enjoyed in good company. With that in mind I think that we are likely to see new releases honing in on the spectrum of flavours and the convivial elements of Scotch.

“This may result in further innovative collaborations between producers and coopers, or experimenting with various strains of yeast in the pursuit ground-breaking flavour development.

“We may also see further utilisation in the world of mixology, with new premium whiskies specifically made for mixing.”

Tobias Gorn, director, Campbell and Gorn – 

“I reckon with about half a dozen new distilleries opening up this year and unceasing innovation, the Scotch sector will continue blooming. Some companies are tackling the temporary aged stock shortage better than others as we see in the quality of some new no age statement releases.

“The Japanese whisky craze is reaching a hugely inflated value-for-money situation – given the increased demand and hype it could well cause a bit of a bubble burst at some point, but hopefully all stays positive.

“There’s also a need for more unbiased objective professional journalists to balance the opinion pieces by ‘expert’ bloggers or social media superheroes. In some cases, for the general public, factual calm tasting notes and stories are far more educational and fun than loud private opinions, but it is good to have both of them out there.

“Scotch and whisk(e)y as a spirit category is still an easy to evaluate topic compared to becoming a Master of Wine, for instance. Professional qualifications may be the way to improve the knowledge part.”

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  1. Always great to see and read about Rum trends by Spirit Business.

  2. El Gold says:

    yep – agree – nice to have a blended economy – rants ‘n’ raves on the one hand, and more sober reflections on the other. But “qualifications” while a great idea, what would you use, or, provide?

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