Experts predict top cocktail trends in 2017

17th January, 2017 by admin

Drink your greens

Another interesting evolution of the growing interest in health could be a full-on emergence of vegetables and vegetable juices as cocktail ingredients. And this is an emerging trend with global traction – according to analyst Mintel, 17% of Brazilian adults feel there is a lack of vegetable-based alternatives to animal- based ingredients, such as cream, while 24% of Polish adults prefer to consume vegetables in liquid form.

It’s a development Funkin’s King has been keenly following – and responding to. “We are just launching a beetroot shrub into the on-trade,” he discloses. “We’re seeing a bit more of the savoury coming through.” MBWS’s Madrona also confirms this is an area she is looking at, even for the brand’s non-alcoholic syrups line.

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