Beefeater names 2017 MIXLDN finalists

26th January, 2017 by Nicola Carruthers

Beefeater has announced the global finalists in its sixth annual cocktail competition, which this year challenged contestants to design a serve inspired by an iconic London film.

Finalists from 31 countries will take part in the global final of Beefeater MIXLDN 2017

Finalists from 31 countries will take part in the global final of the 2017 MIXLDN Cocktail Competition held in London from the 6-9 February.

Top bartenders from around the world have been competing in a series of local finals to create a cocktail inspired by a classic London movie.

Forming the judging panel are Nathan O’Neill, head bartender at Nomad NY; Evelyn Chick, MIXLDN 2015 global champion; Beefeater master distiller, Desmond Payne; and Sandrae Lawrence, editor of The Cocktail Lovers.

In addition to being crowned the Beefeater MIXLDN Global Champion, this year’s winner will also have the opportunity to work with Payne to create, craft and produce their very own gin.

The limited edition gin will be a true representation of the winner’s style – featuring a signature blend of botanicals and available to the public later this year.

Desmond Payne, Beefeater master distiller, said: “We’re thrilled to be offering the winner of this year’s MIXLDN competition the opportunity to create their own gin. It is a hugely rewarding process and allows the distiller to experiment with complex flavours and balance them to create something truly unique.

“I look forward to seeing what our finalists bring to the competition and working with the winner on this very exciting project.”

The finalists are as follows: Joe Ballinger, UK; Fabio Ferreira da Costa, Portugal; Rodrigo Muñoz, Chile; Masanori Fujikura-san, Japan; Alberto Pizzaro, Spain; Dawid Pytkowski, Poland; Conor Ryan, Ireland; Stacey Swenson, USA; Madeleine Tate, New Zealand; Mario Luis Acosta Batista, Cuba; Roberto Giudici, Italy; Emil Hed, Sweden; George Hunter, South Africa; Tarek Nix, Germany; Moona Janhunen, Finland; Daniel Calta, Denmark; and Marek Vybiral, Czech Republic; Ni Kun, China; Charlotte De Fevere, Belgium; Konstantin Karvounis, Austria; Timothy Ching, Hong Kong; Karina Tamm, Estonia; Dilyan Avramov, Bulgaria; Matheus de Freitas Cunha, Brazil; Odd Fjeldsgaard Ramussen, Norway; Michael Fortier, Canada; Konstantinos Vlachos, Greece; Mor Koral, Isreal; Nenad Milosevic, Serbia; Lubomir Miscik, Slovakia; Jin Hwan Kim, South Korea; and Andrei-Razvan Mocan, Romania.

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