Top toasting trends for the holiday season

20th December, 2016 by Kristiane Sherry

To clink or not to clink?


That’s covered off where – but how exactly does the world like to raise a glass in a toast?

According to Diageo, the origin of clinking glasses stems from the suspicion of being poisoned – if your guest is willing to spill their drink on themselves, you could trust them. Not a fan of sloshing your spirit? You drink like a Hungarian – they believe glasses should never clink during a toast.

What about eye contact? Danes and Swedes believe it’s essential to keep eyes locked during a toast to ensure your toasting partner is centre of attention.

With the faux pas of drinking to excess named by 63% as the way to spoil festive celebrations, it makes sense to toast like you’re in Japan, where raising a glass of soft drink is an accepted tradition. Just don’t use water – in Spain this is thought to bring bad luck.

And why stop at one? In many cultures, from Vietnam to Georgia, multiple toasts keep the celebrations going long into the evening.

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