‘World’s first’ birch sap distilled spirit launches

3rd November, 2016 by Amy Hopkins

New drinks group Pure Wild Spirits has launched what it claims is the “world’s first” spirit distilled from birch tree sap, called Freya.


Freya is said to be the “world’s first” spirit distilled from birch tree sap

Launching in the UK this month, Freya is created using “only sustainable methods”, distilling birch sap that is harvested once a year, in the spring, from birch forests in Northern Europe.

The sap is distilled in handmade copper pot stills by Dr John Walters at the English Spirit Distillery in Great Yeldham.

“Freya is truly innovative and a distinctive new taste – pure foraged birch sap from icy northern forests distilled into a new wild, full flavoured spirit – the response from mixologists and bartenders has been incredible.” said Pure Wild Spirits founder Dave Wallwork.

“We have an exciting few months ahead introducing Freya to consumers as we start to build this new category.”

According to Pure Wild Spirits, Freya “answers the demand from both on-trade and consumers for new products that balance sustainability and innovation”.

Freya will be available in a number of bars across London, as well as through online retailer Master of Malt at an RRP of £37.41.

2 Responses to “‘World’s first’ birch sap distilled spirit launches”

  1. Craig Lewis says:


    World’s First LOL.

    I been making it for 10 years. There are 10 million bottle produced in the Ukraine and Russia ever years.

    World First, it is ???


  2. M says:

    Yeah… Like Craig I have known about spirits made from birch sap for years. This is really common in Northern countries. You have to remember there are over 40,000 tiny distilleries in just Germany/Austria alone. Whatever you think you have done, someone else has probably done it.

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