St-Germain liqueur releases cocktail tome

27th October, 2016 by Kristiane Sherry

French elderflower liqueur St-Germain has published its first cocktail book – How To Drink French Fluently.

how-to-drink-french-fluently-webThe result of a collaboration between St-Germain global ambassador Camille Ralph Vidal and Punch Creative, the book is described as “a passionate ‘Santé!’ to everything in life that feels good”.

In addition to cocktail recipes, the book also covers food, beauty, art and music.

How To Drink French Fluently was developed with input from a number of top bartenders and tastemakers including Naren Young, Julie Reiner, Jeffrey Morgenthaler, Lynnette Marrero, Ivy Mix, Pam Wiznitzer, Neal Bodenheimer, and Brian Griffiths.

The contributors share ways to savour moments from the day in cocktail form, from brunch serves and afternoon spritzes to aperitifs, food-paired drinks and nightcaps. The result is dozens of cocktail recipes spanning all manner of occasions.

How to Drink French Fluently by Camille Ralph Vidal and Punch Creative will be published by Punch in December 2016, priced as US$19.99.

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