UK producer intros fresh fruit-flavoured spirits

13th October, 2016 by Nicola Carruthers

Bristol-based Espensen Spirit has launched a range of flavoured vodkas and gins made using fresh fruit and alcohol from Langley Distillery.


The new products are made using fresh fruit and alcohol from Langley Distillery

Gin Genie, a blueberry flavoured gin and Pump Up the Jam, a raspberry flavoured gin, are now available, alongside vodka expressions Ruby Cuby, a rhubarb and custard flavoured vodka and PG Sips, a pink grapefruit and raspberry vodka.

Espensen Spirit was founded by Sam Espensen and friend Phil Gillies in 2015. The branding and drink names reflect the founder’s love of film, music, books and animals, and the look and feel is described as “post-punk pop-art”.

Espensen is using Espensen Spirit as a platform to raise awareness of mental health issues, especially in the workplace.

Donations from the sale of every 50cl and 20cl bottle are made to different local South West charities, including homeless charity Caring in Bristol, Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary, Racehorse Rehoming Centre and a local cancer charity.

Espensen said: “I can’t think of a better place to start a company than Bristol, particularly a spirit brand, as the South West is historically linked with rum and gin, and today the city has a thriving pub and bar scene.”

Gillies added: “Espensen Spirit has a philosophy that goes beyond creating great drinks. It’s about our team, the local community and the idea that we are an integral part of that.”

Chris Scullion, co-founder, Independent Spirit of Bath said: “Espensen Spirit is one of the most exciting spirit launches in recent years, producing contemporary flavours for a more cocktail and social-oriented customer base. They are bringing a breath of fresh air to a category of drink that often gets relegated to cocktail addition, rather than the main event.”

Available for sale online at Espensen Spirit and Independent Spirit of Bath, prices range from £3.25 for a 3cl bottle, to £29.50 for a 50cl bottle of 37.5% abv gin.

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